I started this blog as a writing exercise, hoping if I chose to write about a topic I love that I would learn to be disciplined about writing. Mixed results on the discipline part, but my enthusiasm for music has only gotten stronger the longer I do this. Music is my life support. It is necessary to me. I don’t listen to it so much as experience it. If the song is really exceptional, I’ll become it. Thankfully this has never happened with anything by Tool.

Honestly, the actual catalyst for creating the blog was a series of dreams about Dave Grohl. I say dreams but I really mean lucid, filthy, nocturnal fantasies.  That was the first post. I quickly realized I’d need to branch out a bit, topically speaking.

I love hearing music I’ve never heard before, and tend to be drawn to artists that might be a little tough going at first. Some of the stuff I listen to isn’t for everyone. The first time I heard a song by The Knife my brain went into a tangled confusion. I fell in love instantly. This says a lot more about me than I care to admit.

I’m hoping this blog is a place where people can exchange opinions and recommendations, and share their experiences and enthusiasm around music. I welcome suggestions and recommendations from other music fans so please do not be shy about commenting on posts or sending me a suggestion on who to listen to. If you have a blog related to music please put the url in your comment so I can check it out.

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  1. Tom says:

    Hey there
    It would be cool if you listened to our bands new ep, we would greatly appreciate it.
    If you have any feedback hearing it would be awesome.

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